October 14th, 2010


Three years I’ve been building to that line…and y’all saw it coming a mile off. *grin* Oh, well…perils of a serial format…

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  1. Jason says:

    When I’m fully awake and can face tvtropes, I’m adding this to crowning moments of awesome. Because that’s what this is for Ed.

  2. Sixwing says:


  3. TekServer says:

    I think Madam Atom hit on just the right word – inevitable. It would be simply inconceivable for this moment not to occur …

    As for the song, I favor something a little more old school: Phil Collins, In the Air Tonight, with the drums kicking in right after Ed’s statement.

    Don’t forget to VOTE everyone! http://topwebcomics.com/vote/10180/default.aspx

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    (my pleasure could not be contained by a single “Mr. Green” smiley, sorry … )

  4. Lord the 22nd says:

    I like what Bobcat said. And to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if something like that actually happened. Lol. WE LOVE YOU ED!

  5. Fil-ty says:

    I really liked the last two panels…so I made them into a 1440×900 wallpaper. It’s not perfect, but I like the aesthetic…enjoy :3


  6. PointyKitty13 says:

    Hip, hip, HUZZAH! for Ed!!! Now he just has to stick the landing in a perfect dismount and finish with a snappy one-liner.
    Ed’s song could be “We Will Rock You,” by Queen. As for SGV, he has the cutest “Oh noes, there goes mah heart!” expression ever.

  7. Lissy says:

    What about “Invincible” by Skillet?

    Go Ed!

  8. gwennan says:

    Adding to the theme song thread:
    Garth Brooks: Face to Face

    Face to face
    with the devil that you’ve been dreadin’
    Eye to eye
    it finally has arrived.
    But bad as it was,
    Brother, wasn’t it better
    Dealing with him face to face?

    ‘Cause it’ll never go away
    Until the fear that you are runnin’ from
    is finally embraced….

  9. LaCot says:

    You tell him, Ed!!! The beauty of waiting for this moment is reveling in it with Ed now that it’s come! One very big HELL YEAH!!! indeed Urusula, I didn’t know you could make me want to hug Ed even more, but you have.

    @Edhelith: Is it too early to look forward to Digger 2: The Uncharted Territories? The Moyans could really use Digger & Ed.

  10. Chip Uni says:

    This is the Crowning Moment of Awesome that we’ve been reading 874 strips toward. Thank you, Ursula!

  11. ADHadh says:

    Quick, someone call the TvTropes! They have to update their Crowning Moment of Awesome page!

  12. Just Here says:

    What do you think, scene change now – or after the link breaks?

  13. Kaiya says:

    Am I the only one to think that divulging his name so freely might not be such a good idea, i.e. might give SGV some power over him? Granted, I’m not sure what SGV can do in its current state…

  14. Werebear says:

    I can only imagine the pleasure this must have been to set on paper, after all this time. Don’t ever worry about your readers anticipating correctly, Ursula, the knowledge this was going to happen in no way takes away from the sheer delight of seeing it.

    Besides, it gives us a chance to strut and pat ourselves on the back. :)

    Right now, my biggest fear is what happens when the adventure is over! What on earth are we ever going to do without Digger and Ed and the carnivorous vegetables? If we promise to all buy lots of Danny Dragonbreath books, will you keep going? (I already have my set, BTW, but I can always buy more as Christmas gifts!)

  15. Sara says:

    Yay ED!!!

  16. Anaurue says:

    Okay, I am new to this group and I have only been reading Digger for a few months, but I have to say that I am speechless and have tear-filled eyes at Ed’s bravery.

  17. John the Wysard says:

    Hey, we knew back in _Fellowship of the Ring_ that Frodo would somehow destroy the Ring.

    Doesn’t make the scene at Mount Doom any less awesome.

    And “Name-Is-ED” is just as awesome! Just perfect, Ursula.

    And as others have said, both SGV’s and Ed’s facial expressions speak volumes. That’s DEEP art.

  18. Fran says:

    We may have seen it coming, but it’s still wonderful! You go, Ed!!

  19. jr says:

    I love how the emphasis lines that had always been behind Sweet-Grass Voice moved behind Ed in the last panel. But hang on, I don’t think the ride has reached the end yet.

  20. bemused_canadian says:

    And this is when you get granted your Crowning Moment of Awesome from TVTropes.


    A couple of people have mentioned how perfect Ed’s expression is in that last panel, but, perfect as it is, SGV’s expression is even MORE priceless.

    (…and for the record, I figured there was about an equal chance between “NAME–IS–ED!” and an Inigo Montoya-like “give me back my WIFE, you son of a bitch!”)

  22. Tuima says:

    Epic WIN. So very, very much of win. *Glomps Ed*

  23. Michael Leuchtenburg says:

    Now I’m waiting for Ed to break the chain and… fall to his doom along with the heart. I guess the heart will cushion his impact. Ew – squishy.

  24. Virodhi says:

    Now to survive this, and get back to the pack so Grim Eyes can learn how awesome her father really is.

  25. cjack56 says:

    JewelWolf: “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who.

  26. Rissa says:

    *epic, thunderous applause* GO ED! GO ED! GO ED!

  27. mouse says:

    just ’cause you know dessert’s coming, doesn’t make it any less sweet.

  28. Kineko says:

    *happy dolphin noise for Ed*

  29. Good Ed, Bad Ed, I’m the Ed with the Gun!

  30. Look at the power Ed has as SGV face shrinks back and is all wilty. Heroic music just got turned up to full in my brain. Excellent job Ursula.

  31. http://topwebcomics.com/gpages/default.aspx?id=10180. Vote, vote, vote. The November date is coming up soon. This will give you a chance to practice.

  32. Lurkie says:

    YES! YES! YES!! GO ED!!!

    This is indeed Ed’s Crowning Moment of Awesome. His expression of utter contempt for Sweetgrass Voice, and SGV’s expression of sheer horror are just perfect.

    “Ed… is being… ED. You… are being… NOTHING!” Ed knows who he is now, and he’s been given a name. There is nothing Sweetgrass Voice can do to change that. All Sweetgrass Voice can do is destroy, and then only if its victim allows it. Indeed, I suspect that SGV doesn’t do the destroying itself, but rather convinces its victims to destroy themselves. Once a potential victim realizes that, there is nothing SGV can do. As another character in another tale said, “There is nothing in the dark. Only the Light.”

    On the subject of soundtrack music, I would like to suggest this for the underground scenes leading up to the confrontation with SGV: “Shadow Puppets”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hP2O2_Np74.

  33. TekServer says:

    > … an Inigo Montoya-like “give me back my WIFE, you son of a bitch!”

    Only problem with that is it’s entirely likely that the word “bitch” (and by extension, any son of said “bitch”) isn’t an insult and carries no negative connotation in hyena society.


  34. Annathewarrior says:

    And I believe we have a Crowning Moment of Awesome.


  35. Claire says:

    WOOOOO ED!!!! :D :D

    This is fantastic. Even knowing it was (probably) coming, to see it actually there on the page is so awesome. Ed reclaiming his life, his right to an identity and sense of self… :D :D :D
    Keep it comin’, Ursula, this is amazing stuff!

  36. Rowan says:

    I never thought Ed could be bad-ass, but oh my goodness, that last panel! Go Ed!!!

    Oh a less fan-girl squeeing note, the fact that Digger gave Ed a name is very god-like. There are some interesting ramifications to the fact that it took a god to take away Ed’s name, but a very non-magical/religious wombat was able to give him a new one.

  37. Whimsycallie says:

    I am so happy. I have never posted before just read along.. But Yay!!!!
    I love these characters so much! I am so happy for ED.

  38. I’ve never commented, but I had to say that this page reeks of awesome. I very nearly cheered. :D
    I love the way it looks like light is coming from Ed. Very halo-like.

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  40. Jeremyhfht says:

    My head just exploded from the awesomeness of movies quoted in this thread.

    I am now going to watch The Princess Bride, Army of Darkness (all of them), and Die Hard (…maybe all of them).

  41. Caitydid says:

    Yay! Go Ed! Also, I love SGV’s “D:” face. It’s a classic.

  42. WorkingVolition says:

    Once again, masculine Ed.

  43. AngelicDirt says:

    Yeah, we saw it coming. But it was still awesome. :D

  44. Misley says:

    Better get ready jump Ed!

  45. raine_kittie says:

    Didn’t Boneclaw Mother say something about the Mother of Earthquakes being with Digger? Not sure how far back it was. But, if that’s the case, then perhaps a ‘God’ did give it back…

  46. Stardeath says:

    *Squeeeee!!!!* This is just such a “Yay” moment. Kick him in the chain for all the rest of the little guys Ed!

  47. MammaJ says:

    Ursula, it’s still the hero line and Ed totally owns it. Good Job!

  48. Kelardry says:

    Please let ed be okay when the heart drops, like, 100 ft. Have a dragon skin or something come to his rescue. It would not survive if ed were gone. Please?
    On a less pleading note, Aw… Ed is so cute and brave.

  49. Eric says:

    Yes, but the fact you were building to it for three years is why we love it so damn much. Sometimes the anticipation is the point. Thank you.