September 23rd, 2010


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  1. FIRST says:


  2. inlaid says:

    Time to kick some cold servant ass!

  3. Bwee says:

    Remember, remember, this Thursday, September,
    The Cold Servant, crowbars and plot
    I don’t see why schemin’ of Sweetgrass the demon
    Should ever be forgot.

  4. Bwee says:

    *Cold SerVANTS. Gah.

  5. Jassius says:

    Last time it did not go that well, but of course now they are underground -which is good for both sides- and the cold servants will have to come one by one. Things gone bad she may resource to moon them wombat style to win some good time xDD

    Fair fight… more or less.

  6. Just Here says:

    Now time for the next Tunnel 17 cry, and switch back to the temple.

  7. dragonmith says:

    listisn to cracks, flux pavilion Remix as you read this awesome

  8. Andrew Wiggin says:

    Just went from the comic to yahoo, then raced right back, after reading the news. Hopefully Digger gets some funding to help her out with the cold servants… Should be enough here to hire an army.


  9. Tgs says:

    now there’s a story Bwee!

    I’d love a tunnel 17 cry, but I think our heroine is not that minded right now, there’s work to be done, not battlecries.

  10. Rhio2k says:

    Yep…that’s about the same look you’d probably get if you tracked powdered graphite into one of her tunnels…you’re gonna pay.

  11. Nakea says:

    Oh, she’s gonna teach ’em all right. I’m more worried about poor Ed. But c’mon, guys! Show your love! http://topwebcomics.com/vote/10180/default.aspx

  12. Barry says:

    Awesome, with awesome sauce.

    Go vote!

  13. The_Rippy_One says:

    “Which one of you is gonna go first.” Always a nice way to buy time. Works surprisingly well in a number of instances.

  14. Madam Atom says:

    @Bwee: Well done!

    @Just Here: Yeah, you beat me to it. 🙂

    @The_Rippy_One: For normal opponents, yeah. I’m not so sure it’ll work on the cold servants, who are either True Fanatics or mind-controlled or both. Definitely a morale booster for herself and Ed, though.

  15. Azure says:

    We definitely know that there’s SOME magic involved with the Cold Servants. They can run for miles without getting tired for one. They are also considerably stronger than “normal” Hyenas.

  16. Jenn K says:

    Go, Ed, go! Now, we get to see just how heroic the quiet ones can be….

  17. rueyeet says:

    I’m getting the sneaky feeling that Digger should have asked Ed exactly WHAT flaws he saw in the plan.

  18. Katie says:

    The suspense! Goshdangit, why do I always check updates at the most intense parts of the comic?!

  19. Chip Uni says:

    Remember Tunnel 17!

  20. I love the shadowy image of Ed as he gets ready to jump very cool!

  21. I had a weird dream last night. I went to this huge garden picnic. There was a huge row of tables and people serving food. I was almost at the front of the line, and I hadn’t gotten a single thing on my plate. I looked to my right and The President of the United States was standing next to me. For some reason my brain renamed the President Leeland Obama. The president then told me to try the little finger sandwhiches because they were really good. I put some of the sandwiches on my plate and turned around to find Ursula frantically looking for a place to sit. My dream was really crowded. I told Ursula, “Let’s go with Leeland I’m sure he could find a good place for us to sit. He is the President. and all, and I’m sure he gets certain perks.”

  22. nzPhreadde says:


    Just Testing….

  23. Also, Ursula, I hope you don’t mind, but I have been using ”Remember tunnel 17!” in LARP battles, for funsies, as warcry. Cool to see people confused, and the people that ask, I link to here. So far, only positive reactions about your comic. 😀

  24. Keita says:

    REMEMBER TUNNEL SEVENTEEN!!!! Go kick some cold dead ass, Digger!

  25. perfesserbear says:

    Something just occurred to me. Sometimes I get a little disoriented underground, but isn’t the Vampire Squash patch just overhead?


  26. @perfesserbear. Ooh help from above!

  27. Hawk says:

    Thursdays make me sad. They are so far away from Tuesdays…

  28. Lucius Appaloosius says:

    I think poor Ed is stalled……. could somebody give him a jump? 7@=Q

  29. BunnyRock says:

    @Lucius Appaloosius: No prob. *Shove!*

    @Duckwhisperer: how odd. Ursula and President Obama very seldom appear in my dreams (to my knowledge only once each, and I’m not sure that as even Ursula, it was just someone I was in a queue to get a comic sighed by: you know you’re a true Brit when you dream about queuing , but I DID have a dream not too long ago that me, Digger and Florence Ambrose were at a buffet together. I think there was a hydro-eclectic dam being built that would flood some archaeological remains and I was there as an archaeological consultant, and Digger and Florence there as the project engineers, and the buffet was the lunch put on for the conference. I was also offered finger-sandwiches, in my case by Central from Jack (I have no idea why there was an angel catering for a construction project preliminary planning meeting, but there you go). Never read the documentation for the Seven estuary tidal-power project (historical-environment impact mitigation) and webcomics right before bed).

    Any one else with Digger-related buffet dreams? Are Ursula’s characters just touring our subconscious minds in search of a good dinner?

  30. @BunnyRock: I bet the dreams have something to do with Vampyric Squash. Another weird dream I had was not Ursula related. In my dream I was protecting my wife from a Biker gang. The leader and I were wrestling over a crowbar. In real life I had grabbed the edge of my wife’s pillow, and I yanked it out from under her head. Speaking of crowbars and other heavy blunt items, I think it’s time for Ed to get swinging.

  31. jayneerc says:

    @BR – hydro-eclectic dams contain heavy water, too? Irresistable speeling pun.

    On a related note, I’ve just discovered a new burrow-shaped hole in the outside wall of the larger of 2 dams on my property, which I very much hope was dug by a bunny rather than a wombat. I poured a bucket of water down it and nothing came out, so I’ve rolled a few rocks into it. If, and how far they get flung over the next couple of days should give some vital clues as to which creature dug the burrow.

    Tho’ I am very much tempted to call it tunnel 18 and leave it, a burrow dug into a dam wall has that risky potentiality to become a gushing geyser, and my downhill neighbour wouldn’t be favourably impressed, methinks.

  32. Nivm says:

    Quote from Azure: “We definitely know that there’s SOME magic involved with the Cold Servants. They can run for miles without getting tired for one. They are also considerably stronger than “normal” Hyenas.”
    You mean that river of god blood they subsist on? The one they are making sure keeps flowing by forcing a giant heart to beat? Yeah, that’s probably magic.

  33. BunnyRock says:

    @Azure: well normal hyenas are stamina hunters anyway, the bonus strength and creepy voice I’ll give you, but running for miles without tiring is the rule rather than the exception with spotted hyenas. Their hearts are HUGE compared to their body mass, so they don’t tire easily. Chasing a eland until it drops dead form sheer exhaustion: now THATS what I call a cardiovascular regime!