September 2nd, 2010


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  1. Helriz The Kitsune says:

    Yow. If SGV is telling the truth, then he must have been a freakin’ saint to one-up Digger in the moral cleanliness department.
    Also, Ed is exceedingly adorable when he’s scared witless 😉
    Also, first? Well howsa bout’ dat.

  2. CatsbyMoo says:

    I’ve been wondering about Digger’s heart-shadow status for a while. Last we heard, she had a single shadow on her heart that was “fading around the edges”, and it seems that she’s resolved the issues behind that shadow. I’m guessing SGV is bluffing about the shadows on Digger’s heart.

  3. BarGamer says:

    Actually… I think SGV would rather consume/possess/whatever Ed. I mean, Ed probably has so many doubts, he’s pretty much paralyzed right now. ShadowTeen, where ARE you when you’d be most useful?

  4. Roach says:

    SGV doesn’t seem to be referring to morality, but to doubt. ‘You heart’s shot through with doubts’, not with evil…

  5. inlaid says:

    That’s some kick ass attitude from digger there. No less than expected. “Don’t you know better than to stick a knife in a wombats rump?”

  6. abb3w says:

    Building something, such as a binding able to withstand all eternity? Difficult.
    Death and destruction? Those are so easy as to be even within the grasp of a child.

  7. CaptainJack says:

    abb3w: Traditionally, it has always been easier to destroy than to create…

  8. Bwee says:

    I think SGV is going to remember Tunnel 17 for the rest of his unlife.

  9. Creatura says:

    Oh my, Ed’s puppy eyes!

  10. Lanthir says:

    Aww, poor Ed! I want to hug him!

  11. Ten Elements says:

    I’ve got a feeling SGV is bluffing. After all, Shadowchild saw no shadows on Digger’s heart, and she couldn’t have become “shot through” in so little time. However, I’m more than a little worried for Ed’s safety here, as he certainly has a few “old regrets”…I wonder if SGV can eat shadows?

  12. JewelWolf says:

    Go, Digger, go! Kick his ass!

  13. Barry says:

    If you all LIKE it so much, why aren’t you voting for it?!?

  14. Gwennan says:

    Poor Ed, indeed. He’s face-to-face with his cultures’ equivalent of the Devil Himself.

    Why am I flashing on that old Garth Brooks song?
    “Face to face with the devil that you’ve been dreadin’
    Eye to eye finally has arrived
    But bad as it was, well now brother wasn’t it better
    Dealin’ with him face to face “

  15. Hawk says:

    I love Digger’s reply. I want to hug Ed too – and boot him in the correct direction which is NOT huddling behind Digger!!

    Voteyvoteyvoteyvote! New month, new list, new chance to get into the top 20, where this belongs 😀

  16. iburns says:

    Oh no. Even if Digger doesn’t regret what she’s done, Ed certainly does.

  17. TG says:

    awww – ed is so adorable – such gorgeous expressive art there. Lovely and heart tuggingly sensitive

  18. redbeard says:

    Ed has got to have some seriously weak knees right now — this is basically his snake in the Garden of Eden – though far worse in what it did. However, somehow I think it’s something more that Ed is not liking. I think he would be scared, but would still suck it up in order to get a whack at the Devil of their creation mythos. I’m thinking Ed is sensing deception — a trap that would free SGV, rather than destroy it along with the god.

  19. Glenn (a different one) says:

    FOr some reason it just came to me that “Let’s get ready to RRRRRUUMMMMBLLLLLE” would NOT be a popular phrase in Wombat culture. Nevertheless, I’d say the gauntlet is down.

  20. Karyl says:

    Come, Ed, and pluck up your strength! you managed to survive exile and make a friend when no one cared to know you. You have skills and abilities beyond your recognition. Digger, get SGV! VOTED!!!

  21. Gramina says:

    Y’know, they’ve been *told* that what they need to do is break the chain. *Ed* is the one with the crowbar. …. Ed??? Get A Move On!

  22. Alondro says:

    *cheers for SGV!* Consume her heart! Go demon!!

    Hey, SOMEBODY needs to be the devil’s advocate around here! ;D

  23. I think SGV is trying to throw Digger off her game. He’s trying to play with her head. Don’t listen, Digger you are made up of the stuff of your Ancestor’s! SGV knows this! Stick it to him. @Alondro have you ever been to an Angel’s home game when you are rooting for a team that is not the Angel’s? Be proud of your foam finger and all, but be ye careful.

  24. Oh, Digger is at 22 at the moment.

  25. Barry says:

    And, SGV is only a demon. But who ever heard of a demon’s advocate?

  26. rueyeet says:

    Agreed with Garmina! Get your liver in gear and get a move on, Ed!

  27. Brushtail says:

    I’m not sure the issue is so much moral cleanliness as resolve. Helix probably knew exactly what he was doing, why he was doing it, who was paying him to do it and how much. Digger, while not immoral or prone to sin, really don’t know what to expect.

  28. Anonny Mouse says:

    1) Awwww! Ed sad face! ^_^

    2) Why is SGV not attacking already? Is it required for demons to monologue? Or does it need Digger to be afraid of it to consume her? Digger must be protected by something/someone. This is the third time (at least!) that she has failed to be eaten on sight…

  29. Sebastian says:

    teere is something fishy here. if it can stop them why it is wasting time talking? Why it is not eating their shadows or whatever he can do?
    What if we are seeing all this wrong, what if killing the god don’t kill the demon, but free it? We assume the cold servants are servant of SGV, but are we sure of it? what if they are just trying to keep it prisoner keeping the god alive? Maybe this is just a huge Xanatos gambit from SVG, included sending a part of itself with false memories so that Shadowchild would eat it and confirm the plan. And now he is just pushing them to make sure they don’t stop thinking and/or notice something that would make them reconsider their course of actions.

  30. itsasafi says:

    shadowchild come back soon please!

  31. @Barry, I imagine their is a lawyer joke in their somewhere.

  32. dsollen says:

    why do I get the feeling SVG is bluffing. If a shadow in someones heart includes doubt then what better way is there to create more shadows then to cause them more doubt? I think SVG knows that he may not be able to stop digger because there isn’t enough of a shadow on her heart and so is trying to scare her to cause doubts he can take advantage of.

  33. Rhio2k says:

    Balls of steel…she’s got ’em.

  34. Lilacsofthedead says:

    @Sebastian – I don’t know… to me, all SweetGrassVoice is is all talk and no action. It only had to persuade He-Is, after all, and remember in the temple? It wanted Shadowchild to eat their shadows – intially I thought it might be trying to take advantage of the fact there was another of it’s kind there, but after some thinking, I don’t think it could. It always seems to go after it’s victims when they’re in a state of distress and easily guilible.

    SGV is very, very good at talking. I imagine a little mental suggestion, a little doubt nudged in the right place at the wrong time wouldn’t hurt, either.

    What’s the old punchline? “Talking brought me here.”

  35. sleekweasel says:

    I do like the hyenas’ stubby fingers – Ed’s are particularly clumsy in this picture, which probably helps him look cute.

  36. Kisuneko says:

    Ed… 🙁 I want to hug him, he looks so terrified.

    Get’m Digger 😛

  37. Otookee says:

    Presumably Ed is crouching (with tail between legs). Either that or Digger suddenly got a lot taller…

  38. Gramina says:

    Sebastian, I don’t think so — I can’t remember for sure, but wasn’t the source of the information that they need to break the chain either ghostly or godly?

  39. Gramina says:

    p.s. it occurs to me that if breaking the chain frees the God, well…. He-Is will *surely* by this point have some Very Pointed Things To Say to SGV — probably in a relatively visceral (for Gods/Ghosts/Demons) sort of way.

  40. Moogy says:

    Gramina, I remember that Shadowchild explicitly told Digger to break the chain (though I can’t recall if he mentioned outright that it would kill SGV). I believe it was one of the ghosts that said to target the heart, but don’t remember anything pertaining to the chains there.

    Also, Ed is so cute clinging to Digger like that… aww…

  41. mouse says:

    Why do I get the sense that SGV just helped Digger resolve a lot of those doubts?

  42. Sgamer82 says:

    Heh, Digger’s last comment reminds me of a line from a book in the Dresden Files:

    “Not gonna bind or banish you, old ghost. Just gonna kick your ass up between your ears.”

  43. WafflesToo says:

    First heights and now face-to-face with the very demons that have haunted his species for their entire existence. Poor Ed, I’m amazed he can speak at all.

  44. iburns says:

    It’s all coming together isn’t it. Murai’s destiny is happening upstairs, Ed needs to conquer his issues of fear and self worth to break the chain with that convenient crowbar, and Digger needs to stare down the demon that can’t touch her because she has no shadows on her heart. But…what else does Sweetgrass have up her sleave? It won’t be pleasant I’m sure.

  45. Rivalyn says:

    Gods are old and nothing gets that old without shadows, like Shadowchild said, when it told Digger it didn’t like going near the temple, and because of the intensity of a God, those shadows are deep and rich. SGV’s been living on the shadows of a broken God. It might have the power to stop Digger and Ed physically, but it can’t leave He-Is. It’s been eating those shadows for thousands of years. It’s likely that without them, he’d starve to death pretty darn quick… SGV might not even be able to eat normal shadows anymore, if it ever could. I have a suspicion.

  46. heartshot says:

    It matters not that her heart is holy with doubt.

    The Shadowchild noted Digger had no shadow.

  47. BunnyRock says:

    Round up round Up! Place your bets! and do we have some good betting opportunities for you! Lets look at those odds. Here are some of the favourites! (I am well aware the odds add up to more than 1, But I’m sure more than one of them will happen)

    Digger Attacked by SGV: 5/1
    Digger Attacks SGV: 7/1
    He-is’s body wakes up and starts thrashing around with combat-tentacles like the decapitated god at the end of Princes Mononoke: 12/1
    Ed gets Possessed: 3/1
    Digger gets Possessed: 15/1
    Jhalm arrives and gets possessed: 9/1
    Ed and Grim Eyes have a heartfelt reunion: 17/1
    Ed and Grim Eyes have an uncomfortable, awkward reunion and Digger says “Awkwward!” Under her breath: 7/1
    There are heavy rains on the surface, like the day Digger first arrived, and the tunnels start to flood: 20/1 (for some reason I’ve been expecting that for ages)
    Shadowlescent arrives and kicks some demonic Ass: 5/1
    Shadowlescent arrives but gets its demonic ass handed to it on a plate: 7/1
    Someone gets a pickaxe thought the liver: betting closed, no odds, too many takers.
    It was all a dream: 4/1
    It was all a dream, and Digger really IS trapped underground going mad off the cave gas and dying by inches, as she feared in the first few comics: 8/1
    It was all a dream, Ed’s loneliness has got the better of him and he has finally snapped as he sits alone in his cave starving to death, imaging that some magical wombat has come to befriend him and led him against SGV, the source of all the evil in his tribe: 14/1 (dear god I hate myself for even thinking that)
    It was all a dream, Digger wakes up and finds Ed Did not have his name eastern but is alive and well in the shower: 23/1 (if Dallas did it I wouldn’t put Ursula past it.)
    Scooby-do Ending; Digger pulls of SGV face and finds it was the Statue of Ganesh all along as he’s been trying to convince everyone the temple is haunted so he can pull it down and build condo’s on the land, and he would have got away with it too, if it wasn’t for you mending marsupials! : 42/1
    Rocks fall, everyone dies: 36/1
    At least one Big Lipped Alligator moment before it’s all over: 12/1
    Other non-standard game-over: 19/1
    SOMEONE has to sacrifice their life for whatever reason: 2/1
    What Digger feared in the second comic is true, and her home warren has been destroyed by the Cold servants (they finally traced Helix’s bloodline and launched a pre-emptive strike on the only ones who could bind SGV again), and she is the only survivor with no home to return too: 9/1
    We get Rick-rolled on the last page: 100/1
    Supper-happy mega fun ending where SGV learns the error of his ways, Ed is allowed back into the tribe, Digger finds a tunnel linking her home warren to Ed’s cave and so can live at home yet still visit regularly, Jhalm marries the Hag and both live happily, and everything is fixed without any deaths: No takers as of yet.

  48. Darcey says:

    My husband just showed this to me yesterday, at about 11:00pm. He found it 2 days ago. Today it is now 3:00pm. I have read from the archives up through now, and recommede dit to a dozen people.

    CRACK. Ursula, you write CRACK. And you draw crack too. I’m … waiting. Bated breath and all that.