July 20th, 2010


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  1. corvideye says:

    oh my… that arm won’t be long in its socket, will it?

  2. Bwee says:

    And Boneclaw Mother is already leveraging(?) with her age. Smooth move, B-Mama. :3

  3. jr says:

    Oh, Jhalm, Not smart. I thought you were better than that.

  4. Megrims says:

    Poor Jhalm. Whatever he was expecting, he wasn’t prepared for Boneclaw Mother.

  5. Dragonsfire says:

    I really, really wish I could hate Jhalm. it seems that he truly is doing what he feels is best. it is not done out of hate, fear, or animosity. I think he knows that giving her his arm is a mistake but he is to much a gentleman to to be rude to an old lady. It’s a shame that it tends to be those that are sure that they are doing the moat good can be the most evil.
    I can’t reconcile his treatment of Murai and Boneclaw Mother with him killing the metaphorical pigeon. Maybe Murai isn’t the only one with “the shadow of a god” in there head.
    I hope in the end he comes out as a hero.

  6. graham says:

    I think I can guess what happens next.

  7. Sparky Lurkdragon says:

    I love you, Boneclaw. I wish you were my grandma.

  8. Amarys says:

    jhalm is gonna get flipped on his back.

  9. Dan Potter says:

    Hope you didn’t want to keep that arm Jhalm.

  10. Dark_Tiger says:

    For specialists in hand-to-hand combat, they don’t train the veiled in unarmed combat at all, do they?

  11. inlaid says:

    She’s definitely up to something…

  12. Robin Bobcat says:

    Give me your arm… or I’ll take it by force…

    “Now then, son.. You’re wrong on one front.. this is an EXCELLENT time for us to be speaking…”

  13. Lethe says:

    Oh I so hope she drops him on his ass. And I agree with Sparky. I wish Boneclaw was my granny.

  14. Aria says:

    We all get tripped by our habits, and apparently when he doesn’t think you’re a wombat with an agenda Jhalm is in the habit of being polite.

  15. Richard Grevers says:

    Voting link: http://www.topwebcomics.com/vote/10180/default.aspx – only 50 votes needed to move up a position. Remember to vote when it isn’t Tuesday or Thursday too!

  16. Nohbody says:

    I doubt she’s going to assault him, personally. For starters, she doesn’t have the social leverage she did with… um, the one that was with Digger earlier, name forgotten, for scheming her way out of a fight.

    I think she’s more likely to lead him aside and let him know who’s who and what’s what, so to speak.

    But then again, I could be wrong. :P

  17. NBarnes says:

    I doubt she’s planning physical violence, but there’s no way Jhalim’s self-esteem is going to survive this clinch intact.

  18. ketrava says:

    Bone claw mother is going to explain it to him like he is a child and after throwing hit self worth onto the floor she is going to use his honor like a shield against retaliation while she metaphorically grinds his face into the pious dirt. She will probably sum it all up with a “and if you think my people will be restricted to their tents then your guards should learn how to keep watch while asleep and without blinking because she is fiercer will guide our spears straight up your pompous ass!!”

  19. Bartimaeus says:

    Ye-ah, even I can smell the fish from here with my puny human nose. This’ll be interesting to watch…

  20. Nyara says:

    Wow. I almost pity Jhalm right now. Almost. He’s in way over his head. XD

  21. Just Here says:

    Or maybe, she is just going to talk him silly, as she leans on his arm all the way back to her ‘territory’. Thus keeping him from doing anything -impetuous- Hee, hee.

  22. Silent says:

    And the grip is completed. Jhalim, you’ve just been leveraged. It’s going to cost a good deal to get that arm of yours back.

  23. Barry says:

    “Surely you wouldn’t deprive an old man of his walking stick, would you?”

    You go, girl!

    Go vote, everybody!

  24. ursus says:

    She’s doing mental judo. Jhalm was thinking it was a battle, and now there’s this old woman asking for his arm to support her. Now he’s off balance, mentally. His opening statement gave her enough of a read on his personality to start the mind games. She’s amazing.

  25. Deafnotdumb says:

    Is it just me, or do I get the feeling that Boneclaw Mother and Jhalm will get on very twistily well one day?

    I think it’s just me.

  26. Sutremaine says:

    And don’t forget her associates. They like their walking sticks heavy. And sharp.

  27. Niall says:

    Jhalm… is toast. Not physically; his ego will be. And now he can’t really assault an aging matriarch either, one he helped already. Jhalm has the courage of his convictions, however misplaced those may be; Boneclaw Mother has the wileyness of much more experience, and little to lose.

    It wasn’t even a contest the moment she appeared. :)

  28. There just aren’t enough words for how much I love Boneclaw Mother.

  29. Gwennan says:

    Yup, definitely a set-up. Jhalim is goin’ down….just not sure if it’s gonna be physically or psychologically!

  30. TheOtherSarah says:

    And just like that, she’s got him completely off balance. It’ll be hard for him to think of her as anything but helpless now, even as she tears him to shreds (verbally, I mean verbally… I think).

  31. Gil says:

    I bet they’re just going to sit down over a couple of nice hot cups of (warrior?) tea and chat a bit, “keep an old lady company”… for the next three days or so. And the rigid codes in Jhalm’s mind are going to take quite a (polite) battering, but that’s just incidental.

  32. Elizabeth says:

    Boneclaw Mother knows how to work it. I love her.

  33. Nonny says:

    Although, if this really was only “a few years back”, you have to wonder exactly what Boneclaw Mother was doing that got the boar stuck in her hip in the first place…

  34. Emma says:

    What game is Boneclaw planning here? We’ll just have to find out…

  35. Mani says:

    Oh man. I’m really curious to see what happens next.

    I’m not sure a physical confrontation with Jhalm would be wise. He did take out more than one Cold Servant, personally. The same Cold Servants that wrecked multiple Hyena hunting packs with little difficulty.

    It would be relying purely on his goodwill not to maim/kill her. And if that’s not enough to save Murai, it’s not enough to save Boneclaw Mother.

  36. Marrock says:

    *snap* “Oh dear, was that your arm?”

    *thump* “Oh my, now your head appears to have a dent in it, you’re a bit on the clumsy side, aren’t you?”

  37. theysabet says:

    Oh… my. This move could be interpreted in SO many ways– I mean, she’s just coalesced his opinion of her as frail/accomodating; he’s just put himself within easy reach of injury; she’s just placed herself within easy reach of being a hostage. She could knife him at close range (which would be very unwarrior-like and therefore unlikely) and he could use her as a shield; she could put them at a stalemate by explaining that if he harms her then her people will kill his, and if she harms him his people will kill hers. So many possibilities!

    Or maybe she really does need his arm. Not likely, but you never know. Whee, playing Devil’s Advocate is such fun! ^__^ Go, Boneclaw Mother! She has the initiative, and Jhalm doesn’t stand a chance of regaining it.

  38. theysabet says:

    …and she’s also immobilized the arm on his good side; that just occurred to me. That leaves his blind side open to attack. **whistles**

  39. Emma says:

    I want to be Boneclaw mother (or the nearest human equivalent) when I get old

  40. Karyl says:

    too bad it will be next week before we see more, but Digger is very lucky in her allies!

  41. amethyst42 says:

    Everyone has already said anything I could possibly say about Boneclaw Mother, but I love love love her!

  42. Starcat5 says:

    Karyl: Err… This comic updates twice a week. As such, the next update will be this Thursday. Do you know something that I do not on the subject?

  43. brushtail says:

    Don’t forget that the entire point of the exercise with Murai is to buy digger time, and the hyenas might know this, so violence may not be intended at all, just a big long time wasting chat and really slow walk in the woods.

  44. JewelWolf says:

    I’ll bet Ursula is planning to get to the point where we find out why Boneclaw Mother wants his arm, then, before we see the result of Boneclaw’s plan, we go back to seeing Digger and Ed.

  45. Gramina says:

    8:00 a.m. Pacific, and Digger is at #30! :D

    vote vote vote vote —

  46. hariman says:

    Boneclaw Mother is the ONLY grandparent I have ever seen that surpasses Walt “Get off my lawn” Kowalski.

    I have a guess on where she’s going with this, but I don’t want to spoil it. And I think someone already guessed it at least once.

  47. Gravedigger says:

    I hope that she makes Jhalm walk her all the way back. That would be the most hilarious diversion ever.

  48. Magpie49 says:

    Jhalm is ~~walking away~~ from the confrontation with Murai. At least for the moment.

    I want to be Boneclaw Mother when I get old, too. It isn’t likely, but I admire the stuffings out of her!

  49. Lissy says:

    Hahaha.. using her weakness as a bludgeon again. But my favorite part is that she explains her weakness as an old war wound that sounds totally unfitting for an old lady. Beautiful jab-cross.

  50. Kineko says:

    ..; I always thought than Boneclaw Mother was badass, but now… She is SUPER bad ass