July 15th, 2010


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  1. Lissy says:

    lol, BunnyRock, you shouldn’t be worried about the physical ressurection so much. You know it’s pretty much impossible to keep a human body together after it’s dead, even if you put it in a coffin. The coffin deteriorates and the molecules are going to get away. Speaking of molecules, when your skin flakes off as dust, does that dust still belong to you? Or how about the dust you inhale and swallow which gets broken down and metabolized in your gut and become parts of your cells? Those molecules and bits used to belong to someone else, so are you a cannibal? My point is that it’s pretty impossible to point to a specific set of particles in this universe and say “That’s me.” No one ever specified a physical ressurection, in fact, rather the opposite. We will have a form which others can perceive, that’s about as far as I can say for the definition of “body.”

    As for spiritual bodies and “will everyone be the same?” I’d definately say no, though we are getting into real speculation there. There is no promise of equality in Heaven, in fact, a good amount of the teachings of Jesus are about how to be great or have riches in Heaven. People aren’t the same, each soul is unique, much like we all have different fingerprints, but it’s in terms of spiritual traits like the virtues, vices, memories, faiths, attitudes, and so on.

    Sorry if you weren’t being serious with your musings about the nature of bodies and resurrection and weren’t looking for conversation on the topic.