October 27th, 2009


I apologize profusely, but Digger will be on hiatus for this week. I don’t even have one of the good reasons–I’m not sick, I’m not traumatized, I’m not moving, and I’m not at a convention.

No, I’m…going to Disneyworld.

I’ve never been there, and I’m looking forward to it. Lest you think this is a cushy vacation, however, I’ll point out that my boyfriend’s parents decided to take the whole family, particularly their grandkids, so I will be at Disneyworld, and in a condo, for a week, with FOUR SMALL CHILDREN, two grown Republicans, and two nurses.

And Space Mountain is closed for repairs.

It will either be a lot of fun or good material. May Ganesh have mercy on us all.

Discussion (79)¬

  1. Kevin says:

    Mitch: “DISCONTINUITY isn’t Shadowchild NOT THERE ANYMORE”

    Kevin: “That’s not stopping him and Digger from enjoying the SPINNING CUPS!”

  2. banana says:

    Oh man, jealous. Well, good luck with all of the extended fam.

  3. Kobrag says:

    I just want to say that… “It’s your strip, you have every right when to do or not do it, your fans (including me) can be patient as you have some of the best artwork on the internet.”.

    Enjoy yourself *Hugs*

  4. BZ says:

    And we should feel sorry for You? :-P

  5. Arcaton says:

    Have a great time! and thanks you..

  6. inlaid says:

    Have fun!

  7. motub says:

    Have fun :-) ! I hope all of you have fun, individually and together. Too bad about Space Mountain, though. Ah well, it’s not like there’s not plenty of other great attractions to make up for it…. have a great time!

  8. I can keep small children at bay with sketches and I have no talent at all, so they should be no problem, but I can only offer condolences for the Republicans. Keep an eye out for Quozl.

  9. JewelWolf says:

    It’s okay, Ursula. Everyone deserves a vacation every now and then, and now I have a new desktop for my computer. Thanks for the explanation, at least.

  10. Holly says:

    Welcome to Florida! I hope you have an awesome time. <3

  11. Loren says:

    Well, that explains the hat. Have fun!

  12. Barry says:

    Do NOT miss Splash Mountain.

    Also, it may be counterintuitive this time of year, but remember the sunscreen.

    Also, when you do Epcot, first thing when you get there in the morning go ahead and make dinner reservations. For overall effect, I recommend Germany for dinner, with The Land for lunch and snacks either in Norway or France.

    Have fun!

  13. Batshua says:

    It’s worth it if we get more pictures like that one when you come back. I can’t even begin to describe how ridiculously happy that picture of Digger and Shadowchild on the teacup ride makes me.

    Don’t forget the Haunted Mansion. There’s always a line an ell long but it’s so worth it; it uses some of the coolest technology and is lots of fun.

  14. Mike says:

    Ha! Enjoy yourself! And don’t feel like you need to apologize, just have fun!

  15. Mark Antony says:

    Woo! Disneyworld! That’s a real shame about space mountain, though….

  16. Werebear says:

    Have fun! Don’t forget, you can use your entry ticket to put your name in for rides (one at a time) and avoid the lines.

  17. Wolf says:

    Oooooohhhhh… go on! You’ve totally earned it! Try and have fun!

  18. XJaxX says:

    I’m not mad that you’re going to Disney World – I mad that you’re not taking me with you!!!!!!

  19. TekServer says:

    I recently thought I was at Disneyworld … and then realized that I was just in a long line at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. At the end of the line, instead of a fun ride, there was a Customs check (I was returning from Mexico).

    I’m sure your time in various lines will be much more rewarding than mine was!


    (I’m not complaining too much though – I made it back into the country with no hassles and no fees … )

  20. DorktasticSteve says:

    Oooh :) Have fun! In contrast to Barry, I’m all for eating in some different places. Magic Kingdom: Prime Rib in Cinderella’s Castle for lunch. The little Quiches in the small bakery shops are filling and not as expensive as the rest of the munchies. Epcot World Showcase: Stare at the insanely blue eyes and have a fruit tart at Norway. Get the Peking Duck for Two at China :)
    My deep condolences on Space Mountain being down, maybe you can just close your eyes on a different ride with your mp3player playing this:

  21. Rags says:

    At least you left us a nice cup of WombaTea to tide us over…

  22. Elizabeth says:

    How can I be sad about a hiatus when that image has me rolling on the floor with laughter!

  23. Connie says:

    Have fun! Ok, that was ebil. Four grandkids are a lot to chase after.

    Still, have fun anyway! Check out a place called the Lacomka Bakery if you guys have a rental car.

    Lastly, not all Republicans suck. Some of us like Digger. :p

  24. Dawn says:

    IMO, visiting Disneyworld is a perfectly valid excuse for not working! Enjoy yourself and best wishes to your sanity!

  25. Sammi says:

    Disneyworld was fun. I’ll probably never go back, but it was a nice thing to do. Too bad about Space Mountain

  26. Ketira says:

    1. Space mountain — upgrade, probably. They just did that to Spaceship Earth (EPCOT), so if you can swing it, go into that geosphere. and don’t forget Journey into Imagination either. ;)

    2. NEVER eat anything before going on the Mad Tea Cup ride. It took me 10 minutes to get the vertigo out of my system when I was there years ago with my brothers, and they had our cup going at *full speed*.

    Also, make sure you either bring sunscreen or get sunscreen when you get here. Florida is closer to the Equator than your skin is used to, and if you don’t wear sunscreen – you’ll be hurting (and peeling!) later. (Snag some aloe lotion as well – just in case. It works on all types of burns.)

    Besides…. we Floridians (myself included) want y’all to have a good time so your kids will come back later. ^.~ *starts humming “Be Our Guest” *

  27. Rowanmdm says:

    Have fun in Disneyworld, etc., but you have really mean timing. Now I have to wait at LEAST another week before finding out what the impending doom is. That is so not nice. ~sigh~ Now I’ll just have to dive headlong into Halloween to keep me distracted and mentally occupied. I hope it works…or I can just look at Shadowchild again and get a giggle :)

  28. H. o'Dagg says:

    OH MY GODS, 2 full grown republicans!?!?!? May Ganesh ( and all the rest) watch over all of you. Have fun!

  29. sj says:

    Just as I got all caught up. Have fun!

  30. htg says:

    Four kids? Pffff. That’s nothing. I’ve been to family reunions where where each family brought more kids than that, from an original family of four…

    ;-) Have fun!

  31. 12Many says:

    Digger doesn’t look too happy… now that I think about it, does she have a sense of humor anymore? I remember she laughed about the vampire squash, but I don’t think I’ve seen her smile since then.

  32. FranJ says:

    Going to Disneyworld sounds like an excellent excuse to me! I hope you have tons of fun.

  33. Whatever you do, don’t take the Republicans’ bait! Even if it’s been a hundred degrees out the entire day.

  34. TravelDoll says:

    Ooooo have a blast! Hubby & I ran off and got married at DisneyWorld, and go back every 6-8 months or so to keep the honeymoon going. Been 19 awesome years, so the place has something going for it! ;) Make ABSOLUTELY SURE to do the Animal Kingdom safari and the Everest ride. Love those!!! EPCOT will always be my favorite park–esp the World Showcase. Too bad you can’t visit the Adventurer’s Club — awesome bar to get away from relatives and kiddies. I even sort of remember most….okay, a lot…..okay some of my trips there! George was always a helluva bartender! Have a blast!!!

  35. Alyssa says:

    Space Mountain is kind of overrated anyway. There’s cooler roller coastersat the parks – Expedition: Everest is my favorite, but Rock’nRollercoaster and Test Track are pretty neat too.

    Also, you want to get to Epcot early, and go straight for Soarin’. You don’t have to get in line, just get your FastPass so you can come back later and get in the short line. Believe me, you’ll be glad you did.

  36. Delu says:

    Yay Shadowchild spinning! I could imagine him being stretched out by the centrifugal force.
    This makes me think tho, we haven’t seen Ed in a while. So hope soon again…
    Which leads to “Eeeep! They are in hurry back, I hope nothing bad happened Ed!”.

  37. Wolf says:

    Not all republicans are bad! :P Are they economic republicans or religious republicans? Or the “YAY OUR PARTY, BOO YOUR PARTY!” type of people? Those always suck. GL!

  38. Hawksong says:

    Disneyworld ROCKS! I also agree with Barry: Dinner Reservations. Many, many reservations..!
    I didn’t get to eat in Germany when my family was there a few years ago (sad me) but we DID eat in Morocco and THAT was amazing. Heck, all the food at Disneyworld is amazing.
    I can’t say “too bad” about Space Mountain, I couldn’t get on the ride – chickened out! I’m a coward, if I can’t clutch the person next to me and scream :P
    My suggestion for a ride: the Star Tours thing at the MGM park. It’s fun! I did that one over and over.
    Why DOES Digger look so ticked? Is it the hat or the Florida heat, I wonder?

  39. Esragoria says:

    having fun is always a good excuse

  40. wolfofsilver says:

    Awww, man! Space Mountain is closed!? Not cool. I got to ride it in the dark AND with the lights on (it was for a class trip thing for Wider Horizons, a Math & Science club). Neat stuff. You SO need to give us a play-by-play when you return, Ursula. :D Be sure to go into the Haunted House this time of year. They like to do extra stuff with it, like A Nightmare Before Christmas theme. I’m so jealous you’re going right now. ;_;

    And Ketira: Good advice. I was down to Florida a second time during high school for a Band thing: we played in the stead of the Navy band on the base there by the Georgia/Florida state line (the name of it escapes me, but I’m certain it was a big base). The fellows that run the U.S.S. Kentucky invited us down for that, and our band director took us to the beach. My feet and back/shoulders ended up being as red as lobsters. Sun poisoning was me and my friend. It hurted. Alot. Aloe gel was my only saving grace, along with a cold, damp washcloth. Showers were torture for at least a week.

  41. Orwellian says:

    Hey! I’m a Republican and I’m not evil! Come to think of it, though, I did see Shadowchild’s relatives at the last mixer.

    Disneyworld is a lot of fun as long as you don’t eat there (haven’t been there for a decade and the burgers were $10 back then). I was riding the ‘Small World’ ride once when it broke and we were there for half an hour. A couple adults freaked out and waded to safety. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was great, too. Man, I want to go now! My nieces are the perfect age, too. Sigh. Have fun!

  42. Orwellian says:

    @ wolfofsilver:

    I didn’t even think of the Haunted Mansion! Man, that was great! At the end, the ghosts always appeared in the reflection of my car, meaning I’m haunted until I go back.

  43. Aeruin says:

    Well, at least when you can’t take it anymore and start throttling small children and republicans, there will be nurses to sedate you and assist the injured.

    Have fun!

  44. Bruce Bergman says:

    Digger probably wants the special “Bob Gurr Teacup Ride” – lying in the pit underneath the Beta ride in 195X, seeing what’s flexing where… Life was easier before CAD-CAM and Finite Element Analysis – You build it, run it, and fix what breaks. When it stops breaking, it’s finished.

    Thanks for not just disappearing. Go do Expedition Everest. Then we want a full Trip Report, with pictures.

  45. JewelWolf says:

    Wait a second! Wai- wait a second! Am I the only one who noticed that Shadowchild is the way it USED to be? It changed, remember, guys? Shadowchild is tall and spiky now.

  46. KNO3 says:

    Have fun!

  47. Draco18s says:

    Its going to be good material, I’m sure. You’ll be missing out on Space Mountain, which really is the only ride worth riding.
    If you can get into the Indian Jones line at the “30 minute wait from here” sign then its “worth” the wait (it’s seriously a 2 minute ride).

  48. Eric says:

    Have fun! Don’t let Unka Walt’s frozen head steal your soul (it’s been known to do that when it’s hungry)!

  49. R.A. says:

    Well, good luck and have fun!