June 30th, 2009


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  1. mikemayday says:

    Ah, corruption of the young, one of the finest pleasures in life.

  2. I maintain: “Uh oh.”

  3. Ketira says:

    I’m with Shweta; that was my first thought too!

  4. Sian says:

    Coming up next: Demonology: Part 1

  5. Snuffle says:

    “The slug’s nice”? What about Digger? She’s nice, too! Enigmatic little Shadowchild… I hope she hasn’t decided/won’t shortly decide that Digger doesn’t deserve to be forgiven.

  6. motub says:

    I’m glad that Shadowchild (and we) may be getting some answers about what it is, but I’m afraid that its self-will isn’t developed enough to follow its own ‘heart’ in the face of those answers…. oh, dear.

    I do hope everybody else sleeps through the conversation, because that’s about the only thing that could be worse/scarier at this point (somebody waking up, seeing the adult demon talking to Shadowchild, becoming hysterical and attempting violence on the adult demon and possibly Shadowchild as well).

  7. Eternity says:

    noo dont listen 2 him shadowchild…u dont need 2 no what u r! wat is it? a rose by any other name…? (soz studying R&J 4 skool atm xP )…..hel just make u evil n we dont want that…
    and Snuffle…maybe he just takes it 4 granted that Digger is nice n presume every1 else already knows that she is??

  8. Julnar says:

    This is a good thing. The Shadowchild has been wanting to know who and/or what it is for a long time. I’m glad it’s getting answers even if they may not be pleasant ones. You need to know who you are to be able to grow up and that isn’t an easy journey whether you’re human, wombat, hyena, or other. Also, Eternity, for the love of … something, use your sentence structures.

  9. BarGamer says:

    Next comic: “Your name is Luke. Come to the Dark Side, and I will make you more powerful than you could ever imagine!” *Heavy breathing.*

  10. Elizabeth says:

    It would be armadillos, wouldn’t it? That explains a lot.

  11. Niall says:

    motup: sadly, I’d be willing to bet that the one lighter sleeper, the one more susceptible to dark voices, will likely awake halfway through this conversation.. and I have no idea what Murai will do then.

    Not good.

    I fear for her now.

  12. Terry says:

    I always knew armadillos were up to something…

    Oh man, as a wise alien once said “This is bad! Evil and bad!”

  13. Marrock says:

    I see no way this can end well…

  14. theysabet says:

    Urk. I’ll third that ‘Uh oh’ and upgrade it to an ‘Oh shit.’ O__O

  15. Cro says:

    Morality check in 3…2…1…

  16. sunnysusan12 says:

    I’m with Marrock. This will not end well.

  17. whatwith says:

    Well, I’m glad it has a pretty name, anyway.

  18. Brenna says:

    No! Stay good, Shadowchild! Stay GOOD!

  19. Hawk says:

    Oh dear….
    If Murai wakes up though…well, Shadowchild is going to get confused no matter what.
    Now I can’t decide if I want Thursday to hurry or be slow in coming…!

  20. Jamie Proctor says:

    Now, now, let’s not get freaky-deaky! Perhaps it is a NICE disturbing shadow dragon demon thing and this is a story on how we should not judge books based on their cover illustrations! Or maybe it simply does not give a fig.
    Or maybe it’s a horrible person. Dang, the first two just don’t sound as likely, do they?

  21. Chip Uni says:

    Yaaaay! Dragon wants to be friends! They can go off and be shadows together!

  22. Sinity says:

    noooo poor shadowchild, I wonder how he will take being told he’s meant to be evil.

  23. Sage says:


    “But I’m already on the dark side! Look at me! If I were any more on the dark side I’d be on the antimatter side!”

  24. Oh, no good can come of this….Let the battle for Shadowchild’s soul commence!

  25. Sabreur says:

    Eeeep. Maybe “Don’t talk to strangers” should have been higher up on Digger’s list of things to teach.

  26. mouse says:

    you know, i always thought “sweetgrass voice” was rather a pretty name……

    and while we all see digger as nice, she is also the one who keeps trying to teach shadowchild things (like what should and should not be eaten). i’m afraid we don’t always appreciate the niceness of our teachers at the time we are being taught.

  27. Rachel says:

    Chills…lots and lots of chills.

    By the way, Ursula, I’m loving how you’re drawing the shadows within the shadows.

  28. Skydancer says:

    I think the armadillos have a lot of sense, actually. I’d roll up into a ball if I could hear them, myself.

  29. nzPhreadde says:

    “This has *Disaster* written all over it!” as someone else somewhere else said…

  30. OfScience says:

    I’m not sure this is going to turn out badly. Remember, the slug said the shadowchild had to be here or everyone was doomed. Maybe he keeps the demon from attacking the others?

  31. Tuima says:

    I will now find a nice friendly hole and pull it in after me. I don’t want to see where this is going!
    …And yet… morbid fascination…
    Hurry up, Thursday!

  32. abb3w says:

    I’m still hoping Shadowchild’s true name is It-could-be.

    Failing that, let’s hope Ed was right.

  33. Mediakill says:

    Of course, if Ed WAS right, and the demon explains itself well enough, we’ll still have a problem…

  34. Silverfish says:

    Mediakill- But maybe Ed’s right here, too: link

  35. Mani says:

    @Sinity: I highly doubt Sweetgrass Voice would call itself evil or bad – because it doesn’t see itself as such, because it’s not dumb enough to try to win over Shadowchild’s heart by contradicting all of its friends, any of a number of reasons.

    I’m INCREDIBLY curious to hear what Sweetgrass Voice has to say, really, now that we’re hearing it speak for the very first time, after so much has been said about it by others.

  36. Lica says:

    I just hope shadowchild keeps in mind everything that Digger taugth him…

  37. Lucius Appaloosius says:

    Oh, boy…….. Someone must have mistaken a chunk of Concentrated Evil for a piece of lignite…. 7X=Q

  38. I love your entirely irrelevant and random tidbits. Especially those pertaining to armadillos. 🙂

    Stay good Shadowchild! Stay good!

  39. WuseMajor says:

    I love your footnotes. They are win and awesome, just like Terry Pratchett’s.

  40. Kayru says:

    I’ve never seen anyone write as many footnotes as you, Ursula. And I think this might be your biggest yet – took up a whole panel! They sure are a a joy to read though.

    I’ll hold back on “uh-oh”s and just keep watching to see what happens.

  41. Drooling Fan Girl says:

    I wonder what would happen is Shadowchild ate this creatures shadow.

  42. Rachel says:

    @Drooling Fan Girl: This creature looks to be a shadow, so wouldn’t eating its shadow mean eating it?

  43. Mani says:

    Plus, from what we’ve seen, it’s likely to be much stronger than Shadowchild.

  44. Rags says:

    Footnote Of The Week.

    *rolls up into a ball*

  45. TekServer says:

    > Someone must have mistaken a chunk of Concentrated Evil for a piece of lignite…

    Wow! A rare and valuable Time Bandits reference!


  46. AnonyGirl says:

    (something stronger than you, if eaten, is still eaten)

  47. AnonyGirl says:

    Ooh, ooh! Wouldn’t this be a great time for an imaginary — not really part of the story — Song and Dance number with the two Shadows???

  48. BunnyRock says:

    wow, being an armadillo dost seem much fun. They alone of non-primates can catch human strains of leprosy for reasons that have never been properly explained to me and which always seemed unfair; i mean its not as if being an armadillo could be that much fun, but being one loosing all feeling in your extremities and having bits drop off must be even worse. Being the only creature able to hear posible sanity destroying true names of demons cant be too much fun either. I cant help but thin hearing something that that would be unhealthy to a mortal’s mind. Motif of Physical harm and all that rot. Brown Note as my troper side would put it, like looking on the yellow sigil or the face of the dark mother.

  49. jaynee says:

    Hmmm, a Song and Dance number like… oh, say … “Me and My Shadow”?

    I get to sneak in another Time Bandits ref.