June 25th, 2009


I know this makes me a horrible, horrible person, but there really is a sadistic joy involved in putting up a page like this on a Thursday.

I’m so sorry.

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  1. wicketbird says:

    This is *not* an appropriate role-model for Shadowchild!

  2. SatansBestBuddy says:

    “Iā€™m so sorry.”

    You should be. >:(

    Also, cool page, but now I have to wait for DAYS to see where it goes.


  3. inlaid says:

    It’s ok Ursula – we all love you.

    Stoker: nice Who reference!

  4. melface says:

    This can’t be good.

  5. Alaenor says:

    Oh no. It’s evil. DON’T CORRUPT MY SHADOWCHILD BABY!!! :O lol

  6. Generalitary says:

    Oh. Crap.

  7. Rachel says:

    Oh. my. wow. Cool dragon.

    I LOVE Shadowchild’s posture and facial expression: so wistful and hopeful.

    @stokerbramwell & niall: are you two thinking of “The Empty Child” from Doctor Who? I was only a little creeped out by this page, but after that reference I am REALLY creeped out.

    Open question: so what is that round thing the other shadow is appearing out of anyway?

  8. alondro says:

    Well, only one thing for them to do once they’re souls get eaten by the demon…

    Enter law school. *rimshot* XD

  9. Tindi says:

    Ohnoes! Sweetgrass Voice, leave the shadowchild ALONE this instant! *brandishes newspaper*

  10. Luke_Prowler says:

    Oh shi-

  11. Vera says:

    I think that round thing is the “hearth” type thingy in which they lit the fire. Looks like sweetgrass voice is rising out of the smoke.

  12. Sage says:

    Dammit Ursula! Dammit!

  13. Mishal says:

    Hey there Troper, I saw what you did there. *grins*

  14. brushtail says:

    Oh no, oh no, just, No! i know that face, and i don’t like it.

    @ Rachel, the embers of the fire.

  15. ortonmc says:

    There *is* a resemblance between SGV and Shadowchild’s scaring-away-the-hyenas form.

  16. Chip Uni says:

    Hello Mister Dragon sir!

    Would you like to be friends?

  17. KNO3 says:

    Very good Ursula.

  18. Kevinbunny says:

    There needs to be a wombat expression that translates into ‘Delivering a great quantity of sturdy building stone via one’s rear end’. It’s the only thing that covers this situation, really…

  19. Fenomena says:

    I’m always amazed how expressive a blotch of black can be. Love shadowchild in the last panel,

  20. Kayru says:

    “Do you talk?”
    I’m waiting for it…. XD

  21. Kevinbunny says:

    Of course it talks. It wouldn’t be Sweetgrass [i]Voice[/i] if it stood there and did tricks with hand puppets…

  22. KNO3 says:

    I’m waiting for the “Am I a…”

  23. S says:

    That thing it came out of looks an awful lot like a vat of sludge . . . what if eating that sock transmitted Sweetgrass Voice into Shadowchild, sort of the same way that that ammonite worked?

  24. c0ntrary says:

    I don’t believe you’re sorry at all…

  25. Innie says:

    It’s related to the Sweetgrass Voice maybe! Squee!

  26. Oscelot says:

    *beats off sweetgrass voice with a halibut* No! Bad demon! Stay away from my sweet little shadowchild!

  27. Mister Dictionary says:

    *Materializes out of smoke* Hello, My name is Sweetgrass-Voice… Here to inform you that you’ve just been signed up every spam mailing list on the entire internet. Including the ones out of Antarctica. Have a nice day. *Dissolves back into the smoke.*

  28. Heh. Thanks for the warning. I didn’t read this page until today. Now, to read the next one!

  29. Tom Long says:

    Oh no, I’m almost at the end of the archives!

  30. Keenath says:


  31. AnonyGirl says:

    @Mister Dictionary: *Many* gleeful “hee”s 8D !

  32. BunnyRock says:


    I live in Cardiff you rotter. I have to walk past the statues they showed at the end of “Blink” to do my shopping. They have filmed Torchwood on my street, so I don’t have the luxury of thinking “Oh wow, Dr Who is creepy, thank goodness it’s all happening somewhere far away.” Instead I think “Holy Mackerel! I know that pub! I drink at that pub! The street outside It is full of Cybermen/Weaping Angels/Gas mask people! No-where is safe!”

    That plus the comic have ruined MY chances of sleep tonight. And TV tropes, the chtuloid devourer of all spare time and eater of my soul in tasty bite-sized installments gets a mention too. goody.


  33. Tindi says:

    Hey, BunnyRock… is that last bit a trope of its own? šŸ˜‰

  34. lduke says:

    Yes Tindi, or something very much like it is, anyway.

  35. JET73L says:

    Oh, dear.

    I do wonder if Sweetgrass-Voice-face was trapped in the firestone, and if that may be why the place was deserted with a bunch of lignite scattered across the floor. It didn’t seem right that something so valuable and useful that it was probably shipped from a year to the east would be left on the floor like that, unless the monks had not “left” voluntarily and whatever had “removed” them wasn’t interested in fuel or money.

  36. The Procrastinator says:

    Given some of the abrupt perspective-shifts we’ve seen in this region, one wonders whether our heroines may soon hear a persuasive and reasoned justification of Sweetgrass-Voice’s side of the What-Was-He-Is/She-Is-Fiercer legend, and be faced with a quandary over what to do with the Chained One.