June 16th, 2009


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  1. bA nAn A says:

    Leave it to ShadowChild.

  2. Soor says:

    You tell ’em Shadowchild 🙂

  3. DQ says:

    “I ate a sock”


  4. SayblFox says:

    a… sock’s shadow?

  5. resurgo says:

    *raises eyebrows* A sock, and not the shadow of a sock? Interesting.

  6. Jassius says:

    A sock… riiight.
    Don’t ask… don’t ask… dont ask.
    OK. I’m not surprised. Probably *anything* in this place probably has deep shadows, including old socks o_O

  7. Haven says:

    You’re not even trying to be accurate with those sound effects anymore! =p

  8. Wombat32 says:

    I always kinda imagine a “FFIIPP” sound for ghosts unmanifesting, sort of a “POOOF” backwards….

  9. Jamie4 says:

    I’m just curious as to where he/she FOUND a sock.

  10. SilverTwilight says:

    huh. I thought it could only eat shadows. Is it moving on to solid food?

  11. ZCam says:

    Is ShadowChild happy? Sad? Just surprised? Why eat a sock? Do socks have vital essence or was this the equivalent of my child eating a Twinkie (no nutritional value or taste, but they look interesting)? I suppose it could depend on how old the sock was and who’s been wearing it. Ick, sorry. Why, oh, why is a sock worth of note? Do peacocks wear socks?

  12. XJaxX says:

    I fear the irrepairable consequences ShadowChild may have unleashed by eating that sock….

  13. theysabet says:

    Mmmmm. I’d expect sock-shadows to be somewhat crunchy and low in saturated fats. High in damn near everything *else*, but so it goes. >_> Whose sock? I mean… Murai wears sandals, and Digger and Grim Eyes don’t WEAR socks, so are we talking an ancient, mysterious relic of a sock? A sock of ages gone by?

  14. Hawk says:

    It was the sock of a ghost.

    Or the ghost of a sock…wait…

    Perhaps Shadowchild doesn’t know what a sock is, and ate is as a footnote?

  15. Arospace says:

    It is a well known that socks, left untended, develop all kinds of life. Perhaps when it’s been left for a few centuries it’s congealed into something with a soul. Although what could cause a sock to have shadows on it’s soul is beyond my ability to guess.

    Poor Murai, all her talk of destiny, overshadowed by a sock 🙂

  16. Marrock says:

    Hawk, maybe Shadowchild ate the footnote that was in the sock…

  17. Marie says:

    So that’s where all those missing socks go…

  18. Kelci says:

    Shadowchild!! Hooray!!

  19. John the Wysard says:

    Sorry Murai… it ain’t going to be THAT easy. Your destiny may be closer than you think… and may take an unexpected form!

    (No, I realize she has no idea what it might be… but I’m sure she has a framework of potential ideas, and it won’t be ANY of them!)

  20. Sara says:

    Helix strikes me as the sensible sort of ghost who would wear thick comfy socks – maybe Shadowchild got into his metaphysical sock drawer?

  21. KNO3 says:

    Wait. Murai thinks that killing a god isn’t good enough for a destiny? That’s just crazy talk.

  22. SongCoyote says:

    Well, socks don’t talk, so they should be okay for eating. Perhaps the shadowchild simply wanted some variety in its diet. Shadows are nummy, but one does need a bit of fiber now and again….

    Light andlaughter,

  23. Labs says:

    Oh god, I hope the sock wasn’t a !!xsockx!! (DF players will get this reference)

  24. mouse says:

    KNO3 – I think Murai thinks killing the god isn’t _her_ destiny – she was talking about getting Captain Jhalm to do it, and Grim Eyes was talking about hyenas doing it – I think Murai feels she’s become peripheral to the matter. Getting someone else to do something doesn’t seem as big as actually doing it yourself.

    which means, of course, that she will be central to the whole matter.

  25. Snuffle says:

    I love Shadowchild. Yes, yes I do.

  26. Blob says:

    KNO3, I thought the same thing you did, but I think Mouse has the right of it. I guess it would be kind of a letdown to learn that your destiny consisted of talking your boss into doing something.

    Of course, as Mouse pointed out, that means that Murai has a much bigger part to play. I’m guessing she won’t be able to convince Jhalm.

  27. KNO3 says:

    Dunno, mouse or Blob, if they are going to outsource the execution.

    or decide to only kill Sweetgrass Voice…

  28. ShadoCat says:

    So, *that’s* what happens to socks in the dryer….

  29. Luke_Prowler says:

    That was completely and totally random.

    I approve.

  30. Ulrike says:

    Don’t let Shadow Child near Nurk.

  31. Perhaps Shadowchild has ferret-nature?

  32. Lucius Appaloosius says:

    Well, socks that have passed through laundry-related inter-dimensional wormholes *do* tend to collect extra shadows as a function of quantum static….. 7@=e

  33. Jessica says:

    Y’know, I have a little cousin who, when he was about 5, received socks for Christmas (along with many other toys). Now, the toys all got a “COOL!”, but the socks? The socks got a GIANT hug (yes, he hugged the socks), and a twirl, and a little squeal of delight when he said, “Socks! I LOVE socks!”
    *shakes head in amusement, still*
    Shadowchild reminds me of my cousin. 😀

  34. Jim Lane says:

    But…Jessica, did your cousin *eat* his socks?!?!

  35. theysabet says:

    Just a random thought: um, what the fark is Helix DOING at the monastery, anyway? I mean, even dead? Did he retire and at last die there? Doesn’t seem too likely. Hegi looks properly monkish and all, but… **scratches head** …why’s Helix there at all?

  36. Kayru says:

    That was the best end to this comic that could ever be created.

  37. GOOD for you, Shadowchild! We are all very proud.

  38. Nirvash says:

    Was it the warrior socks Ed made? (Not part of the comic)

  39. Coyoty says:

    The socks have been getting out of control at the monastery. They tried cats, but they only go for the little pink socks.

    Helix and everyone else are at the monastery because that’s where the best reception is.

  40. poppiesnroses says:

    “Hey! Hey! Look what I can do!”

    …very _nice_.

    I feel kinda bad for Murai though.

  41. Brenna says:

    Re: Murai- Aw! *Hugs* Ask Digger if you can borrow hers.

    Re: Shadowchild- I don’t suppose you eventually got a job as a robot minion to a very inept invading alien, did you?

  42. Catsnightmare says:

    There’s the Japanese legends of Tsukumogami, objects that are more than 100 years old gain a soul and become alive. Maybe Shadowchild found a really really old sock.

  43. Cap'n Bikke says:

    Yarr, I have to wonder why there be a sock left intact in ancient ruins like these’uns. Avast! It must be the sock of a sorcerer!

  44. Rachel says:

    I really must learn NOT to read this comic at work. When I got to Shadowchild, I choked and tried really hard to muffle my laughter. Apparently my muffled laughed sounded distressing, b/c my coworker in the cubicle across the aisle (who was wearing headphones) asked if I was okay. Umm…sure. I’m just trying not share my laughter with the entire department and failing.

    I have really been missing Shadowchild, so the ending was a special treat.

  45. Jack W. says:

    Think about it for a second. Shadowchild -is- the character of unexpected consequences. There has been no character development with it (?) that has not proven to later effect things in a serious manner. Perhaps the significance of ending this particular story cycle with that non-sequitor is similarly far reaching in nature. Maybe after having such a difficult time understanding the hunters, the lesson of consumption has been taken to heart. I think even the origin (hatching from a dead bird) will prove to be very telling in Shadowchild’s eventual place in the story.

  46. Siege says:

    “Um.. okay. Did it taste good?”

  47. Lanthir says:

    (O_O) …I love Shadowchild. (^_^)

  48. Sheepy says:

    Last panel == totally priceless. If there were a shirt/print/sticker/magnet/etc, I would totally buy it.

  49. Aelfwine says:

    Very nice! Shadowchild, once again, is perfect!

    I just hope zie doesn’t end up having to fight Albus Dumbledore and Dobby on account of zer sock-eating habits..

  50. Zoe says:

    “I ate a sock” with that picture would make an awesome shirt!