September 4th, 2008


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  1. BunnyM says:

    Now, Digger, did you *really* expect it to be that easy?

  2. Lanthir says:

    Gee, how on earth did I see this one coming? (<__>)

  3. Kayru says:

    Now the lightened nose, the boots, they all make sense in the picture…

  4. bA nAn A says:

    ah-ha! I didn’t even catch that Kayru. Thanks!

  5. Eugene says:

    Rule number one of storybuilding. The main character always moves forward. Never let her go back, no matter how resourceful and determined she is to do so.

  6. Jeanette says:

    Ah, so that’s where that picture in the top right corner of the site came from…

  7. Hummingbird says:

    The one thing that bothers me about the picture of Digger at the top of the site is that her earing is on the wrong side. If you look a few pages back, or indeed at any page where her earing is visible, it’s drawn in her right ear – https://diggercomic.com/?p=605 And yet it is in her left in that one pannel. Not that it matters that much, I’m just picky.

  8. You’d think they’d carry warm clothing, or blankets at least, but nooo, one never needs to weather out a snowstorm or carry an unconscious person-y thing.