April 9th, 2008


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  1. Snuffle says:

    Hahahahahaha! “Sounded dirty though.” “Well, she is Boneclaw’s daughter…” I think Digger’s been accepted. Mostly. (And I totally want to be Boneclaw Mother when I get old.)

    I think after this reread, I may have to go back and re-reread it. Aside from being hilarious, all the little details that I didn’t remember (and even the ones I did) are becoming clearer and clearer. Have I mentioned that I love this comic?

  2. I cannot get enough of this comic


  3. Gewitterwind says:

    I’m a huge fan of Boneclaw Mother now. *waves little flag*

  4. Reenactordude says:

    I want to be Boneclaw mother when I get old. And I’m a GUY!!!

  5. Jha says:

    “Milkmaid and the Thrust Fault”. Culturally specific to the wombats. I love the little details.

    Of course, this means that one day you’ll have to tell us the lyrics to that song….. *crosses fingers*

  6. Ysabet says:

    My trivia-obsessed brain kinda wonders… what kind of milk do wombats *drink*, anyway? Mole milk? I cannot, under any circumstances, picture anybody milking a mole; perhaps this is a failing on my part. Would one need special equipment? **headscratch**

  7. Saphroneth says:

    Moles are mammals.
    Ergo, it is possible.
    What other dairy animals are there underground?

  8. Nyktipolos says:

    Yes, they produce milk. And there would be little point in milking a wombat mother anyways (have to wait for it to give birth, plus trying to catch the damn thing). Not to mention its probably inhumane. There’s a difference between milking a cow and a wild animal.

    Er.. not that I’m trying to be mean or anything. ^^; Jus’ saying. Yes, wombat babies drink from the mammary glands of their mothers. And yes, its milk. They do it just like every other mammal baby: using their mouths.

  9. NigaiAmai Yume says:

    Nyktipolos, if wombats milked moles, they would be domesticated moles, not wild moles. And likely breed to be easier to milk, as we did cows and goats.

    Although since we know Digger’s people interact with humans, it’s possible the song refers to a human milkmaid that got into a spot of trouble, and needed rescuing….

    Given the “sounds dirty”, though, I think I’d prefer the former.

  10. UCGV Defenestration says:

    Wombat warrens do apparently have a surface footprint – it’s not unreasonable that they might keep some cattle for dairy purposes.

  11. ysabet says:

    Re: the milking of moles… perhaps they’d have specially-bred, rather large moles? I mean, Digger’s about what, waist-height or a touch above compared to a human; so maybe moles the size of large dogs or sheep? Or for that matter, what about other animals that’ve been adapted for underground living? I can see chickens being raised like this (they’ll live damn near *anywhere*, so why not?) or possibly goats.

    I still love the idea of mole-milk, though. And yes, of *course* baby wombats’d drink wombat milk; that goes without saying. I was just picturing Digger chugging down a mugful of mole milk and ending up with a mole-milk mustache. ^__^

  12. BunnyRock says:

    Given how long and complex marsupial weaning is, i would want to get the little buggers of breast milk and onto something else as soon as posible, which would still be a very long time. However what i worry about is A, the calories, Wombats are herbivores, Moles are not; they will likely have far more fat and protein in the milk and if it’s too rich the baby wombat could get ill and B, Lactose tolerance retention, would adult wombats retain tolerance for lactose? I don’t think out regular, non-sentient ones do. Still, we know they keep moles for wool, manure and leather, why not add milk to that list?

  13. Squeegy says:

    Ysabet: Purring maggot milk.


  14. Luke_Prowler says:

    Here, Squeegy, drink that cough down with some longland beer, you Dwarf Fortress crazy

  15. Mad Luc says:

    Is it terrifying that I wouldn’t mind marrying a woman like Bone Mother? Must be mah Scottish blood surfacing…

  16. Mark Antony says:

    @Mad Luc No, that just means you have good taste. 🙂

  17. BunnyRock says:

    I cant believe no-one has made an “I cant believe its not enchilada milk” reference yet…


    Yeah… Ursula is a genius.

  18. Hunter says:

    It makes you wonder exactly what Digger does around other wombats in bars…

  19. Lee says:

    Heh. I swear, everyone on the entire Internet knows battyden!

  20. Nivm says:

    I do not.

  21. Pangolin says:

    I’m going to assume this song is similar to that one about the hedgehog what cannot be buggered.

  22. Alex says:

    Referring to BunnyRock’s comments about milk. I think it’s important to keep in mind that the “wombat” creatures in the story are named as such for superficial resemblances to the wombats from our world. Like how we call the creatures from Asian mythology “dragons” because of a few outside resemblances to our eastern dragons, despite that they’re clearly different creatures.

    Once you’ve accepted that these creatures can talk, it’s not too much to assume that their dietary requirements would also be different from the wombats in our world. It wouldn’t be too rude or egregious (am I using that word right?) of Ursula to demonstrate any differences from our Earth wombats as the plot calls for it. For example, a glass of mead that large would probably kill or at least cause brain damage to a real wombat.

    Your logic is probably sound, however, given what Ursula has already revealed about her “wombats.” They’re vegetarians, and aside from their abilities to talk, craft clothing and tools, and walk on their hind legs (which probably implies some minor skeletal differences from real wombats) they appear to be , on a biological level, almost exactly like the creatures from which they take their name.

    Just an insight I was looking for the opportunity to share. I thought it was interesting. I guess it’s obvious, if you think about it, though.

  23. Kelardry says:

    Other songs by this band include but are not limited to:
    Diggin’ It
    Groovy Cleavage
    Molly the Mole
    Igneous Rock!

  24. Tindi says:

    …Echidna, BunnyRock. Enchiladas do not, to my knowledge, give milk. Not meant to sound condescending, and that is a particularly hilarious typo you have there, so I’m having trouble phrasing this around the giggling.

  25. Ryn says:

    I lol’d too, Tindi. Also, there’s rice ‘milk’, soy ‘milk’ and almond ‘milk’, which is just the respective grain, legume, or nut powdered with water mixed in. I suppose a wombat milkmaid could be someone who made, say, root milk….

  26. Taylor says:

    Is a milkmaid involved? I bet she is.
    -Polly Perks

  27. BunnyRock says:

    @Tindi: *facepalm*

    between Dyslexia and the spell check on Word I’m starting to get a good idea of how Ed must feel, given that every time I try to communicate something important online it gets mangled by my own bloody language. Although I must admit, that’s a particularly good one there as far as spell-check substitution errors goes.

  28. Rhyme-child says:

    I’m just loving the fact that this is a comic that inspires people to debate the milking of moles.

  29. Lord the 22nd says:

    ‘I dunno, but sounded dirty.’ Lol.

  30. JET73L says:

    They could have milk from sheep or any other human-domesticated livestock (though I don’t know how the increased fats and lactose in sheep milk would affect wombats), deer, or even milkweed “milk” if they live far enough north. There is also the possibility of insects and other plants that produce secretions that could concievably be called milk, but (aside from termites) I don’t know any in Australia and don’t feel like looking them up. There could be a guy on line* in Digger’s universe who makes I Can’t Believe It’s Not Wombat Milk.

    I wonder if wombats sing of the implacability of echidnas?

    I’m quite tempted to offer a bet that the “thrust fault” describes a perfectly normal geological occurence** where all the inappropriate content depends on the mind of the audience.

    * Vertical goods-transport line
    ** Look up thrust faults, the name isn’t the only suggestive thing about them.

  31. BunnyRock says:

    the implacability of echidnas? You mean that song about a particular animal that cannot be… bothered to do anything? as granny Weatherwax put it.
    Also I recommend anyone reading this to look up the PPC after hours segments: having characters from the Discworld and Redwall universes drinking together, and the subsequent discussion on the truth or otherwise of the hedgehog song, remains in my minds as one of the best bits of comedy on the internet.

  32. TekServer says:

    If you’re ever in mind to take your Discworld experience to the next level, get your hands on the audiobook version, where the reader actually sings the Hedgehog Song. In Nanny Ogg’s voice, of course.

    (Yes, I’ve finally started immersing myself in the Discworld stories.)