May 4th, 2007


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  1. Haven says:

    drowned slugs by the thousands…so very sad 🙁

  2. Domino says:

    I like the slug logic. If I were going to make it up, it would have been a lot more glamorous. How true. Reminds me of Jeff Dunham “This is all true, it’s too stupid to make up.”

    hehe…the lotion.

  3. […] To elaborate, the world Digger finds herself in is a very Bone-like amalgam of anthropomorphic societies, shaolin warriors, and spiritual beings. In particular, there’s a race of magical, prognosticating snails that reminded me a lot of Bone‘s talking bugs. Ms. Vernon spends a lot of time developing the societies of the Digger-verse, and these snails are no exception. We learn that they’re ace prognosticators. We’re even treated to an oral history lesson where we learn that the snails’ abilities come from the ultimately destructive actions of a well-meaning druid. […]