April 29th, 2007


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  1. Domino says:

    “The leaves tell me lots of things.” That’s one of my favorite lines, and since there are a lot of good ones to choose from, that’s saying something

  2. Harry says:

    I love the slug’s body language, especially in the 2nd panel after he introduces himself. Priceless.

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  4. Lord the 22nd says:

    I’m unfamiliar with slugs, so forgive my ignorance, but what is that thing around it? With the spots?

  5. redbeard says:

    That thing around it is the mantle — in air breathing land slugs it essentially encloses their respiratory chamber (their “lung” basically). There’s normally one opening on the right side, placed just before or somewhere along the length of the mantle (position varies by species) that slowly opens and closes for respiration (the more hydrated the slug, the slower the respiration cycle).

  6. TekServer says:

    You know, I never really gave it much though before, but the slugs around here don’t seem to have those mantle things. Of course, that mantle looks kinda like a sweater, and it’s generally pretty warm here (Florida), so maybe our slugs just don’t need them.


  7. westrider says:

    The Oracular Slug is basically a banana slug (native to the US Pacific Northwest), and they have very pronounced mantles. On many other slugs, they’re much less noticeable.