April 3rd, 2007


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  1. jaynee says:

    Odd that Digger thinks of not dobbing in Ed, rather than the “named” hyenas.

  2. Fixer-Wolfie says:

    Simple, at this point she has no knowledge of the other hyena’s names, it just isn’t proper etiquette to introduce yourself to your prey, giving them your name and learning theirs, just to make your hunting stories more interesting like- ‘Boy, that Digger sure is a tough one, fought us off while her familiar figured out how to scare us off, damn clever.’ versus ‘What a crazy hunt today, we came across this plump earth-rat walking along with some weird little shadow-thing and when we tried to kill the earth-rat, the tiny, little shadow-thing reared up to become a 50-foot slavering shadow-beast! I’m ashamed to say that we all ran at that point.’ Don’t you think?

  3. Beccabunny99 says:

    You know i don’t really see it.

  4. Brian says:

    Ganesh has a broken tusk. That is part of his legend, I hear. But I notice he doesn’t have the broken tusk in the earlier strips. I think Ursula realized it after the fact and was like, “Oh yeah! The broken tusk thing!”