February 12th, 2007


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  1. NigaiAmai Yume says:

    I ADORE Digger’s relaxed, practical pose while discussing turning glowy or exploding.

  2. Zil Samo says:

    Seconded. Love the fact also that magic appears in chunks, like a mineral. (Well, that’s probably the point, but…)

  3. saphroneth says:

    How does one explode for a week or two? I understand that it may only mean invisible for a week or two, but the chance of turning glowy for a week or two also means that it may apply to the entire sentence rather than merely the last clause.

  4. Kari says:

    It’s possible that you could explode for a week or two, though you would only be, ahem, “present” for the first one. After that, continued explosions might render you to applesauce, though this would not concern you much at that point.

    *end morbid theory time*

  5. BunnyRock says:

    tempted to breing up the old archaeological horror storry about the team digging up the victoran lead coffin, where the body inside had produced quite a lot of metane, and one of the archaeologists was wearing nylon and so they got a spark of the metal just as they were opening the lid and the fireball spread the contents of the coffin over a half acer area… but there no need to bring up such an unpleant mental image and inflict it on you good folk.

    Sweet dreams!