February 26th, 2007


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  1. WuseMajor says:

    Ahhhhh, the importance of the Liver. Oh Digger, how you will regret asking…

  2. Snow_Cat says:

    How deliciously pragmatic. 🙂

  3. Wired says:

    Aw, it’s a little Bantu carnivore! In some African cultures, they are down with this theory. “You have captured my liver.” = “You have stolen my heart.”

  4. Arospace says:

    The liver as the seat of emotion was the accepted idea even in Shakespearian times. In Midsummer Nights Dream (I think) they mention feeing with your liver instead of your heart.

  5. Jha says:

    This dialogue makes me happy because in my homeland’s language, our word for the organ within which our feelings reside in also translates into “liver”.

  6. Lukjad007 says:

    Awww… I miss the old explanation of where the liver thing comes from. 🙂

  7. Kaleidoscope says:

    It’s true for the Mesopotamians as well. Not sure about the liver is the seat of feeling, but they did consider ti to be the most important organ in the body.

  8. Eagle0600 says:

    Of course, in reality we now know better. Emotions REALLY come from the brain. Doesn’t stop this from being funny as hell.

  9. Kisame says:

    Deep, and funny

  10. Tamfang says:

    McCoy once said to Spock, “Kinda gets you right here [heart], doesn’t it? Or in your case, [liver]”

  11. westrider says:

    I would have thought, given how literal and knowledgeable Digger is in so many other ways, that she would also think of feelings as coming from the brain.

  12. Draco Dei says:

    Westrider: Eh, depends on how much of biology her race has figured out so far.